Empowering Development is a Centre for Coaching that partners with individuals and organisations to achieve their goals in:

  • Career Development
  • Leadership Development
  • Organisational Development

and supports the Social, Educational and Economic Development Sectors.


Our vision is unprejudiced in bringing this beneficial service to diverse people in the under-served developing world, the non-profit sector and social enterprises. EDCC sees coaching as a leadership competency, methodology and tool for achieving goals and continuous learning and development. It focuses on solutions and idea-generation, skills development, learning and knowledge transfer.

EDCC envisions utilising coaching as a means to building sustainable livelihoods.


EDCC’s mission is to support social, educational and economic development by coaching in a client-focused agenda, providing a structure for positive change, and partnering to bring sustainable results in achieving their development goals. EDCC upholds the highest confidentiality and provides a safe learning environment for their progress.

Diverse and International Clientèle

Multicultural MBA and university students, UN staff and interns, entrepreneurs, leaders, educators, non-profit organisations and their beneficiaries.


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